Just one kind gift as a gesture of appreciation to someone you love or care about can transform an older person’s life. Give a Gift of Independence to a friend or loved one and help bring an older person support, companionship and dignity on their behalf.

How it works

A Gift of Independence is a wonderful way to brighten up a friend or loved one’s day – while changing an older person’s life. Just pick the gift you want to give and tell us who you’d like to send it to. Once you’ve gone through the checkout, you can print off a certificate to give to your friend or loved one, letting them know how they are helping older people in need.

For more details on how our Gifts of Independence work, simply visit our frequently asked questions page.

“Before Fiona started visiting me, I felt full of misery.”

Peter and Deirdre had been married for 55 years. When Deirdre passed away, Peter was plunged into a life of loneliness and depression. Now Fiona from Independent Age visits Peter regularly. Her visits give him something to look forward to, and she has helped him meet other people in his area. “It’s a joy when she arrives at the house,” he says.